Cat got your tongue?

Well I like cats and tongues! No, not like that, I mean languages. Welcome to Morpheme Addict, a blog about all things language and linguistics written by a twenty-something South African linguaphile.

Morpheme Addict is, if you haven’t already guessed, a pun. While most people groan at puns, this blog lives for them! A morpheme is a linguistic term denoting the smallest unit of a word that carries meaning. It is the essence of a word.

Some sage advice I once received was that if you ever get bored of listening to someone speak, stop listening to what they’re saying and instead listen to how they are saying it. While this sounds kind of rude, it’s often more insightful to a person than the actual context.

There will be posts about the politics of language, linguistic interpretations of current events at UCT and of course commentary on the language of ‘the youth of today’. You are what you speak.

Bilabial clicks,

Morpheme Addict