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Stop Right Meow!

Picture this: A girl, surrounded by bubbles and dubiously suspending her phone a couple inches from the bathwater as she’s crying about the usual angsty life issues a 20-something faces on the precipice of graduation. She looks to her best friend and confidant, a lanky black cat named Monkey. She sobs, “I know I’m pathetic, but thanks for always listening”. Monkey stares blankly, he appears to just enjoy being near water and staring at naked bodies. Strange, pervy being.

“I don’t think anyone understands me like you do,” she adds, “I love you.” Like Bagheera from The Jungle Book (1967), he becomes more animated, stepping along the edges of the bath like a tight-rope walker. Once he’s close enough, he looks directly into her eyes before making the “prrrp!” sound that all cat-owners will know and love. Boop. He touches his nose against hers.

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