Cutting Remarks: The Dialogue Around Colourful Hair

“A strange girl picked up a piece of my hair and put it in her mouth, saying, ‘It looks like bubble gum, I wanna try eat it.’ I was horrified.” – Hairstylist, Gabrielle Oelofsen

If you sit on the University of Cape Town’s famous Jammie steps  – the ultimate place for procrastination, soaking up sunlight, and watching people trip – you’ll see all sorts of humans; amongst them are unicorns, phoenixes, and mermaids. When I started at UCT, the view from Jammie wasn’t as colourful. There were a few, but the growth over the past 4 years has been exponential.

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From Astrophysics to Linguistics, why I changed my degree

Since I’ve been feeling rather nostalgic and reflective over the past while, today’s post is more personal and less informative than usual. I would like to share some of my personal journey to discovering linguistics with you, along with the process of transferring from BSc to BA.

The other day, at a dinner party I wish I’d avoided, I told my best friend’s extended family that I study Linguistics and English Literature. They looked at me as if “that’s nice”, but their eyes were actually saying, a) I know about 100 other girls who study that, b) shame she’s never going to get a ‘good’ job, and c) well she’s obviously not at bright as him (the BSc Computer Science student). Continue reading “From Astrophysics to Linguistics, why I changed my degree”